The best Oculus Quest 2 games of 2022

Which Oculus Quest 2 games are the best?

The top Oculus Quest 2 games you choose largely depend on the kind of games you like to play. And keep in mind that can change quite a bit when you have all the action strapped right up against your face; jump scares might not be as easy to deal with when they are happening very literally close in front of your eyes for aficionados of horror games.

You won’t be without options, though, as many games are able to benefit from a VR setup. And if you enjoy shoot ’em ups, Population:One offers a distinctive take on the battle royale concept by allowing you to scale different surfaces and engage in combat. Fans of combat will also enjoy the physics of SuperHot VR.

Currently, these are the top Oculus Quest 2 games:-

1. Half-Life: Alyx:

Half-Life: Alyx is the game you should play if you ever want to demonstrate the kinds of experiences virtual reality can actually offer. Even though Valve didn’t really anticipate to sell a significant number of copies, the game was created exclusively for VR headsets and isn’t Half-Life 3.

Even if it may be specialized, it’s a fantastic illustration of how excellent VR gaming can be when time and development expertise is used. Christopher Livingston commended Half-Life: Alyx for its attention to detail, interaction, storytelling, setting, and more on our affiliated website PC Gamer(opens in new tab).

You can play one of the best VR games ever made by connecting the Quest 2 to a gaming PC using the PC connection cable, even though it isn’t really a Quest 2 game because it isn’t available on the Oculus store.

2. Population:One:

Population: One, an exclusive VR Battle Royale game from Oculus, is too inventive to be written off as a straightforward Fortnite imitation despite its flashy aesthetic. You and two companions will be placed into a harsh area where you must scrounge for resources and weapons to survive. There are many different weapons to employ and buildings to erect. The main star of the show is Population: unique One’s vertical fighting system, though.

You can climb every surface you can see. As teams compete for the advantage of the high ground, this leads to violent firefights. You can enter battles by flying into them from a higher vantage point or fast move across the map with a wingsuit. The entire system is a special addition that gives the battle royale subgenre new vitality.

A game of this size and complexity running so fluidly on the Quest 2’s mobile processor is amazing. Along with precise controls, realistic settings, and an enjoyable gameplay loop, BigBox VR, the game’s developer, often launches live events to keep the experience feeling new.

3. SuperHot VR:

SuperHot VR might be the game for you if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to move through a variety of harsh locations as a polygonal hitman. The fundamental principle of SuperHot that time only truly passes is applied to virtual reality in this game. As a result, when you actually dodge a bullet, it accelerates rather than continuing to move slowly.

SuperHot is very awesome in general, but paradoxically feels turbocharged in virtual reality. You find yourself suddenly immersed in what seems like exceedingly hectic slow-motion action. To prevent a one-shot death, you must carefully assess where you are in a location and plan several moves ahead.

A heady mixture of Jason Bourne, John Wick, and Austin Powers, throwing a book or even your own rifle at an oncoming opponent and witnessing them shatter is very funny. Just be careful it may become rather captivating. And if there isn’t much room around you, a right hook intended for an adversary can end up pummeling a wall instead!

4. Beat Saber:

Beat Saber would result from blending Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, and a tiny bit of Star Wars. You must match the color of your saber to the appropriate block color in this game to slash it at the proper angle.

You must physically avoid obstacles like explosives and walls in addition to the growing pace. The end result is a full-body workout set to an EDM beat. A captivating experience like this could only be realized in virtual reality.

You will be tested for hours in a lengthy single-player career mode with ever-more-specific requirements needed to complete the campaign. With togglable modifiers that can be used to help or challenge you, free play lets you choose any music to jam out to.

A beginner might activate a bonus multiplier aid, but an expert ups the difficulty by only allowing themselves one error before losing. Beat Saber recently launched a multiplayer update so that you may compete against friends to determine who is the most talented swordsman in your social group.

5. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners:

The first AAA single-player game on the Quest is The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners. For an immersive horror experience, this mammoth effort combines a protracted campaign with gratifying physics and authentic settings. Every important decision you make will have equally serious repercussions as you sneak, shoot, and scavenge your way through a New Orleans overrun with zombies.

You can create improvised equipment with a plausible weight and scale thanks to a clever crafting mechanism. You’ll need to grasp these weapons correctly because they are prone to shattering after repeated usage, much like in real life. You must choose the best strategy to accomplish goals between decaying weapons and a constrained stamina system. Stealthy methods could make things more challenging as a task progresses. On the other side, rolling up to gun-firing encounters frequently leaves you defenseless against a pack of zombies.

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners hits the perfect blend of immersion and enjoyment that is currently sorely lacking in the Quest store. This is the best AAA VR campaign currently available, second only to the PC-exclusive Half Life: Alyx.

6. The Climb:

You occasionally need a vacation from the brutality online. The Climb VR game by Crytek fills that need. The creator of Far Cry and Crysis also produced a fantastic free-climbing simulator that substitutes audible “oh wows” from its participants for the firing of weapons. CRYENGINE’s realistically produced surroundings let you experience the exhilaration of hanging over cliffs everywhere from the American Southwest to the Alps.

The game’s courses all present a difficult challenge and call for the adoption of effective gripping methods. You can explore a variety of pathways that round each summit, rewarding you with various perspectives and valley views. When you complete a climb successfully, you can advance in rank and buy new equipment. Instead, runs that fail are punished with terrifying plunges.

The Climb is a physically and visually stunning experience. Chalk your hands up and hold on tight to The Climb if you’re seeking for a physically demanding diversion from the dullness of everyday life.

7. Onward:

The no-respawn 5v5 competitive gameplay of Onward, which is more in line with Rainbow Six: Siege than Call of Duty, necessitates careful planning and intensive teamwork to be successful. For an unsettlingly genuine military experience, your hit count is constrained, and reloading necessitates physically chambering shots. Onward shines on the Quest 2 more than any other VR headset since it is not constrained by cables.

Cutting the cable gives you a sense of independence that enables you to hide and crouch in any of Onward’s dozen official maps without worrying. There are thousands of community-created maps, which keeps the game from seeming repetitive. Each location is rich in detail and has several locations for hiding during heavy firefights. Your field of vision contracts under fire to mimic combat stress. Interacting with all of your equipment is genuinely next level, even though this is quite immersive.

In order to reload each of the more than 40 firearms in Onward, the clip must be emptied and the rounds must be chambered. This means that loading and chambering sidearm clips or each round in a shotgun or revolver will take some time. Regardless of loadout, you always carry a health injection syringe, a radio on your left shoulder, and a tablet on your back. You can contact far-off colleagues who are too far for proximity chat and resurrect downed teammates with the use of these tools.

8. Until You Fall:

Until You Fall is what you get when you combine a rogue-like with the difficult fighting of Dark Souls. This VR game has a solid gameplay loop, a vibrant neon visual, and a catchy synth-wave soundtrack. You will strike, evade, and counter adversaries in battle while dual-wielding a sword, mace, or knife.

Sadly, you’ll spend most of your time losing battles. Every time you die, you gain new knowledge and advancements. These improvements, which range from maximum health to damage enhancements, can tip the balance of combat in your favor. Each successful run makes it challenging to put the game down, much like playing one final round in the Civilization series.

Boss battles that are challenging will definitely make you crazy. It is sheer delight to win a combat after being more equipped and more prepared. You’ll be enjoying Until you Fall if you enjoy the sweet torment of Soulsborne games.

9. Resident Evil 4 VR:

Resident Evil 4, a standout in the zombie-focused series, cannot be played on the Oculus Quest 2. In fact, it may be the best reason to purchase an Oculus Quest 2.

Even while the aesthetics won’t blow you away, playing the game in virtual reality delivers a level of immersion that’s challenging to achieve anywhere. Resident Evil 4 VR offers a new method to play the game with motion controls and tracking, and it performs surprisingly well for a game that was modified to fit VR rather than created for it. Therefore, Resident Evil 4’s Oculus Quest 2 version is your best bet if you’re looking for a novel way to enjoy the game.

10. Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020):

The 2020 version of Microsoft Flight Simulator is a game to check out in virtual reality if your Quest 2 has an Oculus Link cable.

In addition to being recognized for its high levels of realism, it is a beautiful game with a wide variety of planes to fly across the world. A game that is already engrossing becomes even more so when VR support is added. This is exactly what our own deputy editor Mike Prospero did, and he came to the conclusion that it “is like playing a completely new game.” You should definitely play this game with Quest 2.

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